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Are You Poisoning Your Family?Read This And Decide For Yourself.



When we think of the word “poison”, we usually think about someone ingesting a toxic substance.Sure, almost everyone knows that most household products contain ingredients that would hurt you or maybe even kill you if you drank them.


But the body can be poisoned in many other ways too.If the chemical gives off fumes and you breathe them, they are absorbed into your body.Get the chemical on your hands or skin and you absorb it.There’s a whole industry in delivery of drugs through the skin with transdermal patches that have been developed within the last decade or so.We’ve seen stop smoking patches, seasick patches and even heart medicine patches.The skin will absorb far more than we ever imagined.In essence, a toxic chemical can be absorbed by ingesting it, smelling it, touching it or even touching a surface that it has been on days or even months before.



Seventy thousand new chemicals that have been introduced since World War II were developed out of the extensive research in chemical warfare.That’s 250 billion pounds of synthetic chemicals produced each year in the US (according to the California Public Interest Research Group).Now, thousands of these chemicals are appearing innocuously on the shelves of your grocery store – to clean your clothes, your floor, your hair, your teeth and your oven.By just being for sale on the grocery shelves, you would think these products are safe for you and your family!


We are the first generation to grow up with such extremely high levels of chemicals in our homes.And what do we do with them?We see them, we use them.We disinfect our baby’s room with them, we clean with them, we smear them on our skin, we wash our clothes with them and wear them all day and sleep on them, we wash our dishes in them and we brush our teeth with them.They are a part of our lives.We don’t even question whether they are safe.We grew up buying them from our grocery store.We trust that if the grocery store sells these products, they must be safe.




They Wouldn’t Allow Stores To Sell Products That Aren’t Safe, Would They?


According to the US National Research Council, no information on toxic effects is available for 79% of the more than 48,500 synthetic chemicals listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Fewer than one-fifth have been tested for acute effects and fewer than one-tenth for chronic, reproductive or mutagenic effects.



Why doesn’t the government do something about this? It has tried, but time and time again, economic interests have won the battle.One federal official put it bluntly when he said, “Today about 4.5 million chemicals are known.45,000 are in commercial distribution and it takes a team of scientists, 300 mice, 2 to 3 years and about $300,000 to determine whether one single suspect chemical causes cancer.”


Most cleaning products can be harmful during actual use, even when you follow the directions on the label explicitly, although this is not mentioned on the label.It is not required by law. Toxic fumes from these products may produce slight reactions such as headaches, fatigue, burning eyes, runny nose and skin rashes.However, even if you do not have an obvious response while using the product, after day-in, day-out exposure, year after year, your body may suddenly respond with cancer, heart disease, lung problems or damage to the liver or immune system.Some substances in cleaning products may also causes birth defects and genetic damage according to Debra Lynn Dadd, the author of The Nontoxic Home and Office.  


The Great News Is We Have A Solution For This Problem



We offer a complete line of products that are not only safe for the environment but safe for you and your family and they can replace the kind of products described above! The first step to making your home a healthy home is to eliminate as many toxic substances as possible, especially toxic chemicals in cleaning products. These household cleaning products are among the most toxic substances we encounter daily. Fortunately, we can make it easy for you to convert your home to a healthier and safer environment for you and your family! So give us a call and you can begin boxing up all of those toxic grocery store brand cleaning and personal care products and start today with superior and healthier products that are better for you, your family and the environment.



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